9 Reasons to Practice Fitness

3430190If you would like to decrease the risk of illness and feel better mentally and physically, regular exercising is the thing that will help you out. Regular physical activity is plays an essential role in to reducing and also preventing many illnesses as well as improving mental and physical health.

One of the activities that helps you achieve this is fitness. It is not only fun and addictive, but it can also help you live longer. It will keep you in a good shape and it’s also a source of social and mental benefits.

Here are some reasons why prioritising fitness is good for you.

You’ll be healthy

Fitness is a complex physical activity that puts to work almost all of the muscle groups in your body, helping you not only stay active but you will also enjoy doing leisure activities. A good physical shape 2c8b5728-8116-416f-8221-35f5d7c67373-imageType=ws_icon_largeobtained with physical activity will keep you away from sedentary, which is actually the cause of many illnesses.

You’ll live longer

The length of life is given by so many factors, and one of them is the health. If you practice physical exercises regularly, you will be healthier, but the truth is that effort and high stamina will help the cells in your body regenerate faster. This will also improve the production of collagen in your cells, which gives you the younger aspect and a longer life for your organism.

Helps you feel better

Sports and exercises always result in producing less stress hormone. This, combined with the hormone of happiness that is produced in a higher quantity, will make you feel better and enjoy life easier. You don’t need to take pills to get over a depression, as physical exercise is the easiest available treatment.

Less depressed

fitnessAs was said before, exercising will result in producing less cortisol and more serotonin. The last one is responsible for fighting the depressing and help you be happier. Sport and exercise have the same result in your body as eating chocolate, so the pleasure can be comparable.

Better sleep

Your have a workout session for fitness and you go home. In time, you will see that the sleep will be improved – you won’t suffer from insomnia, you won’t wake up during the nigh so often and you will tend to sleep with at least 1 hour more. This is the effect that physical exercise has on your body, as you are less stressed after working out.

Better looking

bodybuilder-665Another effect of practicing fitness with regularity is the higher production of collagen. This substance is produced naturally by your bodies – after the age of 35 this production decreases, but it can be stimulated with physical activity. Collagen is also responsible for a beautiful, younger aspect and for a faster recovery in case of injuries.

Better shape

If you used to get tired after walking for 30 minutes or running for 5 minutes, a regular physical activity like fitness can help you with this. You don’t have to go for extreme activities, but practiced regularly, fitness will increase your stamina. This will allow you to run easier, perform different chores with ease and you won’t get tired so soon.

Stronger bones, stronger muscles

Fitness is one activity that influences your entire organism, not just the muscles. The bones need calcium and magnesium to stay strong, while the muscles need different substances. The physical activity will help your body retain all these substances that are needed for a better functionality.

Have fun

This is the most important thing with any physical activity. Fitness is something that needs music for better performance, you won’t do it alone and you will always be surrounded by nice people. Have as much fun as you can while working out, and you will see how your life will improve!