Simple Dumbell Exercises For Impressive Arms

row of dumbbellsMany people have a very hard time toning their arms up. This is actually one of the most troublesome areas on the body for both men and women. Fortunately, there are a number of simple dumbell exercises for impressive arms. Best of all, you can do these just about anywhere and thus, there is absolutely no excuse to not tighten and tone you arms up.

Choose The Right Gear

It is first important to start by choosing a set of hand weights that you can easily manage. You should be able to lift and lower your set with control, rather than having to use momentum to drive them into position. Exhibiting control throughout all parts of any required motion will protect you from shoulder and other injuries while helping you big strong muscles fast.

Another vital factor to consider when choosing a weight size is how you want your muscles to look. Several sets of an exercise with few repetitions will create big, bulky muscles if you are using the heaviest weight that you can possibly bear while still controlling you movements. If you use a small, manageable set and perform lots of repetitions, you will be able to create smaller and more compact muscles for a lean, lithe look.

Buy Equipment That Will Adapt With You

A lot of companies sell sets of weights in varying sizes. These sets are highly adaptable given that you can simply grab a larger size as your strength and endurance increase. You will also find that some muscles may be able to bear more weight than others, which makes it important to have several weight sizes on hand for every workout session given that you will be targeting different muscles with each activity.

man doing bicep curl in a gymThe best activity to start with is the front raise. While holding your weights, keep you arms straight and down by your thighs. Slowly raise them together so that they are parallel to the floor. If necessary, you can slightly bend at the elbows. You movements should be slow and controlled as should your breathing.

The front curl is also a good activity. Stand with your legs slightly apart and your knees slightly bent. Curl the weights up by bending at the elbow for a short, tight movement. You should take you time on these as well, being mindful of the fact that you will be building the most muscle during the release rather than the contraction.

Be Clear On Your Goals

With very light weights, it is possible to go for a short jog. The pumping motion that you make with each arm as you lift the opposite leg will have an incredible toning effect. This is also one of the fastest ways to tighten up your oblique muscles and you lower abs. Thus, it can be doubly beneficial and is therefore a very efficient way to workout.

Place your weights behind your head with your feet apart and your legs slightly bent. Curl them forward in a controlled movement stopping when you arms are vertical to floor. This is great for the back of each arm, which is often where fatty deposits tend to hide. You should do this one in front of the mirror to ensure that you are using proper form. It is also important to check yourself at regular intervals in order to see whether you are lifting in a smooth and controlled fashion or if you are simply swinging the weights and allowing momentum to do most of the work for you. Not only is this a very ineffective way to build definition and strength, but it can also be quite dangerous, especially if you are using heavier weights and swinging them above your own head.

powerful shoulder and arm muscles

There are a number of important tips that you should keep in mind when performing these workouts. Foremost among these is the fact that it is never a good idea to start a weight lifting exercise without first warming up. You have to perform several minutes of a rigorous cardiovascular activity before getting started in order to lubricate the joints and prevent injury. It is also a good idea to spend some time stretching beforehand as well.

Work To The Max

One of the best lifting strategies out there is to work to the point of muscle failure. This is perfect for those who want to quickly tone their bodies up and are seeking impressive results. Failure occurs when the targeted muscle or group of muscles is unable to perform even one more set. You’ll be sore afterwords, but after the healing process is complete and your tissues are restored, you can look forward to far more muscle tone and strength.